Beloved Jersey Shore Self Pick Farm Calls it Quits, Puts Property Up for Sale

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NEW EGYPT, NJ – Something will be different for tens of thousands of New Jerseyans this spring and summer. They won’t be able to visit New Egypt’s beloved DeWolf’s U-Pick Farm to get their strawberries, peas, tomatoes, beans, and other farm-fresh produce.

Last week, after 55 years of operation, Kim DeWolf, owner of the DeWolf’s U-Pick Farm announced she will not be opening for the 2022 season.

“I want to let everyone know we will not be opening. The store is up for rent if anyone is interested and the farm is for sale. I would like to thank everyone that has come out and supported us,” DeWolf said. “I will miss you all.”

DeWolf announced that she is retiring at the age of 66 and said her business, which also hosts annual seasonal events for children and families won’t be passed down to the next generation as she did from her parents, John and Elaine DeWolf.

The DeWolfs opened the farm in the in 1967 and added the self-picking option in the 1970s. The younger family members are not interested in carrying on the legacy, DeWolf said earlier this week. The 220-acre farm is now listed for sale at $3.4 million. It is protected by the New Jersey farmland preservation act.

That means the land can’t be redeveloped as the property must be used for agricultural use by any potential buyers.

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