Three Utica Police Officers Treated at Hospital After One Bit, Two Assaulted by Suspect

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UTICA, NY – The Utica Police Department has arrested a man wanted for assault, but not before a struggle with police that sent one officer to the hospital.

According to police, on Wednesday, at approximately 7:05PM Utica Police Patrol units went to an address on the 700 block of Lansing St to effect an arrest on Akins White age 25 of Utica relative to outstanding Assault charges stemming from an incident that occurred earlier in the day.

“Upon making contact with White the officers attempted to take him into custody, however he began to actively and aggressively resist his arrest. He began to attack the officers and refused all directives to comply with the arrest,” the department said. “As the altercation continued, White bit three officers, puncturing the skin on each.”

Police were forced to use a taser to subdue White and were able to successful handcuff him, however he continued to refuse to comply with them and physically fought with them until he was placed into a Patrol car.

Police said, after transport to the Utica Police Department, all three officers sought medical treatment and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, and following their care were placed out of work for a period of time due to the injuries sustained.

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