Trump Put Bullseye on Chris Smith’s Back then Walked Away from the Race

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump declared Jihad against New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith last year. In an email criticizing Smith for backing the Biden-Pelosi infrastructure deal last winter, Trump called for Smith to be primaried this June.

Then he went silent for seven months and to this day, Trump has not mentioned Smith again, nor has he made an endorsement of the last candidate in the race that answered his call, Mike Crispi. Crispi did get the endorsement from former Trump campaign manager Roger Stone, but the word on the street is Trump wants congressional candidates to write huge checks to the former President’s America First organization before the President puts his name behind the candidates.

The going rate reportedly starts at $50,000.

Right now, that’s money Crispi, a Seaside Heights resident doesn’t seem to have. Trump put a huge bullseye on Chris Smith’s back, then simply walked away. With one full month left before the June Republican Primary, Crispi may not even need Trump to defeat Smith. He secured column A in both Ocean County and Monmouth County and the last major contenders have left the race, leaving the election essentially a one-on-one showdown between Smith and the establishment Republican party; and the Trump organization aligned Crispi slate.

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The race is already getting ugly and is expected to get worse before it gets better.

“Trump himself went on social media to issue a call for a primary challenge against Smith, the RINO,” Trump adviser Roger Stone said. “Fortunately Mike Crispi stepped forward and say he’d take him on.”

“I made the decision to answer Trump’s call,” Crispi said. “Putting a halt to illegal immigration, medical freedom and standing for parents rights and the disgraceful critical race theory in schools. Chris Smith has voted with Nancy Pelosi in Congress 50% of the time and he supports the January 6th witch hunt.”

Crispi said he would not rubber-stamp President Joe Biden’s progressive agenda as Smith has done in the past year, calling Smith ‘feckless’.