Sue Kiley Takes Break from Heated Campaign to Pal Around With Democrat Frank Pallone for Muslim Holiday

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FREEHOLD, NJ – It has been a sharply divided campaign season for Monmouth County Republican establishment Congressional candidate Sue Kiley last week, but she and Democrat Congressman Frank Pallone called a brief ceasefire to attend an Eid-ut-Fitr. That day celebrates the end of the Ramadan fasting.

While nobody will complain about two politicians jockeying for support of potential votes getting together to celebrate a religious holiday, a photo published by Kiley with Pallone shows the reality of New Jersey politics and everything you see in campaign ads and political commercials is just a fabricated stageplay and smokescreen and everyone gets along as long as everyone is being taken care of.

It is a business of self-interest, self-promotion and not telling voters the full story, which is in New Jersey, there’s a very thin line between hardline Democrats like Pallone and Republican establishment politicians like Kiley.

When asked about the photo, Kiley’s Republican primary opponent Rik Mehta did not comment on the photo itself, but said, “New Jersey needs new, fresh and authentic leaders who are ready to step up and right ship our State and our Country. I am running to put the people’s interests before self-interest. Politics is not meant to be a career.”

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In the photo, posted by Kiley, the establishment Republican insider was flanked by fellow establishment Republican Sam Thompson, Senator.