Burglary Suspects Target Home in Lavallette Unsuccessfully

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LAVALLETTE, NJ – A masked suspect tried to gain entry into a Lavallette home and car in Lavallette Monday evening but was unsuccessful due to both being locked and secured.

On Monday evening at approximately 6:30 PM, the suspect and a driver attempted a vehicle theft and entry into the home.  

“A masked actor approached a resident’s high-end vehicle to see if it was unlocked. Upon seeing it was locked, he appeared to give up as he ran back to his getaway car,” said Lavallette Police Department Sgt. Justin Lamb. “He then attempted to make entry into a side door of the home which was locked. He then tried to enter at the front door, which was also locked.”

According to Lamb, the suspect ran back to the getaway car and sped off.

Eyewitnesses called 911 and Lavallette police officers were able to identify the suspect vehicle and attempted to make a motor vehicle stop, but the suspect vehicle began driving at excessive speeds and a pursuit was terminated. 

“I urge all residents of Lavallette, please keep your vehicles locked and your homes and report any and all suspicious activity,” Lamb said.

Ocean County has been a target of many car thefts and home burglaries in recent months from individuals out of the area who travel to the shore area to commit their crimes. Often, those stolen vehicles are used to commit other more serious crimes.

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