Biden Administration Says If You Can’t Find Baby Formula, Call Your Pediatrician

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Are you having trouble finding baby formula? Today, Biden Administration aide Brian Deese said those struggling to find baby formula should reach out to their pediatrician as the U.S. Government says there are emergency tools and issues in place to help American moms and dads to tap into reserves from the manufacturer.

When asked about the baby formula shortage, President Biden said there was no way to see the shortage ahead saying, “Maybe if we were better mind readers.”

Now, Biden says because the baby formula shortage was “on the front page of the newspapers”.

Jen Psaki, on her last day in office, said, “Call your doctor.”

“I also wanted to provide an update on infant formula and where we are, and some updates on steps that we have taken.  Yesterday, we announced a slate of actions to increase safe infant formula supply following Abbott’s voluntary recall.  The President also spoke to major retailers and manufacturers to hear about what they are doing and what they need to help increase availability,” Psaki said during her Friday press conference. “One of the top issues — the very top issue — they asked us to act on was getting states to increase WIC flexibility so they can get more formula on the shelves faster.  Basically, how it works now is: Each state has a contract with a manufacturer, — whether it’s Abbott or any of the other manufacturers.  And they want flexibility so that they can — if you have — if you use WIC and you get WIC assistance, you can purchase any kind of infant formula. “

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