Gloucester Township Serial Graffiti Artists Caught Red Handed

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GLOUCESTER TWP, NJ – A pair of serial graffiti artists who have been tagging the town with subpar artwork were caught on camera this week and now police are hoping you can help to identify them.

“On April 23, at 3:30 PM, video surveillance cameras captured the two pictured suspects entering the rear property of a warehouse, in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township, through a hole in the fence,” police reported. “The suspects proceeded to spray paint the word “POLAR” on several areas of the warehouse, including on the roof of the building. They also spray-painted lenses of the security cameras after they were caught on video.”

According to police, the first suspect arrived on a bicycle, and was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and has dark hair pulled into a bun. The second suspect arrived on foot, was wearing a black Misfits punk rock band t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, glasses, and also had dark hair pulled into a bun.

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