Here’s Why the Republican Establishment and Trump Machine are Scared of a Black Woman from Pennsylvania

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From out in left field this week, former President Donald J. Trump launched an attack on an independent black female Republican in Pennsylvania. While the forces of Trump have been battling the forces of the establishment for the coveted GOP endorsement for U.S. Senate, a strong black woman in the race has been surging into the possibility of actually defeating both Trump and the establishment.

Kathy Barnette is just one point behind Trump’s candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz and this week, Trump teamed up with the GOP establishment to attack Barnette as she puts both sides in jeopardy of losing Tuesday’s election.

“Kathy Barnette will never be able to win the General Election against the Radical Left Democrats,” Trump said in a statement on his own website, as he is still banned from Twitter. “She has many things in her past which have not been properly explained or vetted, but if she is able to do so, she will have a wonderful future in the Republican Party—and I will be behind her all the way.”

Trump stumped for his supported candidate, television personality Dr. Oz.

“Dr. Oz is the only one who will be able to easily defeat the Crazed, Lunatic Democrat in Pennsylvania. A vote for anyone else in the Primary is a vote against Victory in the Fall,” Trump said.

If Barnette can’t win in November, why is the former President worried about her winning in just four days? Surely, the massive amount of money being funneled into her opponent’s campaigns will ensure their victory, right?

Wrong. In the latest poll released by Fox News, Dr. Oz had 22%, David McCormick had 20% and Barnette had 19% and we all know how much polls can be wrong.

Now, Trump and the establishment backing McCormick are both starting to get very concerned about her rapid surge in popularity just days before the election.

This week, the Club for Growth announced a $2 million ad buy to support her in the home stretch. As she gains in popularity, Republicans are now actively engaged in a smear campaign against her claiming because she’s black, she supports Black Lives Matter. They claim because she’s black she voted for President Barack Obama. They are attacking her for her comments about former President Barack Obama being a Muslim.

When Trump pushes out a ‘mean tweet’, it means something isn’t going his way and it looks as if Barnette might actually defeat both powerful machines on Tuesday.

She once called for Americans to reject radical Islam in the same manner as Americans reject Hitler or Stalin. For that, the left is calling her an Islamaphobe. She has made several off-color tweets over the years about the transgendered, for that, she is being called a bigot by the left.

The U.S. Army veteran and political commentator is now surging in the polls despite being massively outspent by her opponents. Oz has spent $12.4 million and McCormick $11.4 million. Barnette has spent just $137,000.

Her life story has been criticized after she openly admitted she was the product of rape. Her mother was raped when she was just 11 years old and gave birth. She is the author of the book Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America, a tale about her journey off the Democrat plantation.

She had regular spots on Fox News during the Obama administration. She lead the charge in Philadelphia’s 2020 voter fraud investigation.

Being black, she opposes critical race theory in schools, calling it “neo-Jim Crow nonsense.” She is anti-abortion and wants to see a merit-based immigration system in America. Barnette is also being backed by Trump insider Michael Flynn.

“MAGA does not belong to President Trump,” she said during a recent debate. “MAGA, although he coined the word, it belongs to the people. Our values never shifted to President Trump’s values. It was President Trump who shifted and aligned with our values.”