New York Housing Authority Employee Sentenced to 12 Years for Shooting Boss

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Aerial view of the Spuyten Devil neighborhood of the Bronx, New York.

NEW YORK, NY – A former New York City Housing Authority employee was sentenced to 12 years in prison for shooting a building superintendent multiple times after being written up for a job infraction, according to a news release by the Bronx District Attorney’s Office.

Bronx District Attorney Clark said, “The victim faced life-altering injuries after he was shot four times at his workplace for writing up the defendant for an infraction. The victim suffered from a collapsed lung and other serious injuries. The defendant is now facing consequences for this senseless shooting of a civil servant. Fortunately, the victim was able to survive.”

According District Attorney Clark said the defendant Frankie Corchado, 48, was sentenced to 12 years in prison and five years of post-release supervision by Bronx Supreme Court Justice Ralph Fabrizio.

“He pleaded guilty to first-degree Assault on April 20, 2022. According to the investigation, on January 6, 2020 inside the Fort Independence Houses, Corchado, who worked as a Supervisor of Caretakers, met with Charles Newton, the superintendent, along with a manager,” the district attorney’s office reported. “The defendant was written up for an infraction. Corchado left and returned with a gun, kicked open the victim’s office door and shot him once in the leg and once in the chest. After the victim fell to the ground, Corchado shot him again in the abdomen and fired another shot, hitting the victim’s foot. He attempted to shoot the victim at least two additional times during the attack, however the gun didn’t fire after the trigger was pulled. “

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Police said Newton was shot a total of four times. He was treated at Saint Barnabas Hospital, undergoing several surgeries to remove bullet fragments from his abdomen. He also suffered from a collapsed lung and had a rod inserted into his leg. A bullet remains lodged in one of his legs, along with fragments in one of his feet.