President Says Bail Reform Complaints and Problems are Overrated

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U.S. President Biden speaks about the American Rescue Plan Act at the White House

Across America in states that have implemented bail reform, violent offenders and criminals are being released from jail until their trials. In many of those cases, the offenders re-offend while awaiting trial, only to be set free again to commit more crimes.

Many Americans, especially victims and family members of victims are irate over the state of bail reform as their attackers are set free, sometimes just hours after they were charged. In many cases, the attackers are out of jail before the victims are out of the hospital.

In those states, prosecutors have become lenient in their prosecutions, particularly in states like New Jersey where recidivism under bail reform remains high.

Today, President Biden said the anger over bail reform’s problems is over

“But look, with regard to the leniency of prosecutors, that has not been the biggest problem,” Biden said, claiming prosecutors are still aggressively prosecuting cases. “In bail reform, the negatives side of bail reform is vastly overrated.”

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