Phil Murphy Blames Guns, Republicans, Not Criminal Justice Reform, and Declining Mental Health for Buffalo Mass Shooting

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy blamed Republicans and ‘right wing’ media for the horrific mass shooting that took place this weekend in Buffalo. That shooting was carried out by a man who left a twisted manifesto that blamed boredom during the pandemic lockdown.

The shooter came of age during pandemic lockdowns. He was sixteen when the lockdowns began and two years later wrote that pandemic boredom was one of the reasons he became a mass murderer.

In his manifesto, Payton Gendron cited white supremacist websites and social media sites such as 4chan and other racially charged websites that have nothing to do with mainstream right-leaning politics.

Gendron had made two mass shooting threats over the past year, but police had no authority to act beyond giving him a mental health evaluation after he threatened to shoot up a high school graduation ceremony. He was also cited as making another shooting threat in 2021.

Yet, he remained free to plot his next attack.

That didn’t stop Murphy from ignoring the fact that this was a man who became radicalized and deranged during the prolonged pandemic lockdown in New York City, similar to the one imposed by Murphy in his own state of New Jersey.

Declining mental health from months of lockdown and isolation appears to be the driving factor for Gendron’s rampage where he spent countless hours consuming hate-filled, white supremacist, and antisemitic content daily. He openly admitted that in his manifesto.

Gendron’s hate was focused primarily on blacks and Jews in his manifesto.

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“And, as it pertains to Buffalo, cue the hurried backpedaling from the right-wing talking heads and politicians who have so freely and openly peddled the garbage “replacement conspiracy” – I can’t bring myself to call it a theory – and who can’t possibly believe that the words they’ve poisoned our airwaves and rotted our civic dialogue with could actually come home to roost,” Murphy said, ignoring America’s blatant mental health crisis, soft on crime politics and prolonged pandemic shutdowns. “I think every single one of them knows where they can shove their “thoughts and prayers.”

The question now is how many more Gendrons were radicalized by boredom during the pandemic lying in wait to strike? Another question completely ignored by Murphy.

Murphy also blamed the gun. The inanimate object that in the hands of a normal person is harmless to those around them, but when given to violent criminals and mentally disturbed individuals can wreak havoc just as easily as a car, truck, knife, or another weapon.

Murphy cited shootings that fit the narrative of toughening gun ownership laws but ignored the rise in violence committed by illegal guns in the inner cities across America, including here in New Jersey where there are deadly black-on-black shootings daily. Those guns are usually found to be stolen, ghost guns or illegally owned guns. Those perpetrators cycle through the revolving door of justice under Murphy’s progressive bail and criminal justice reform agenda.

Murphy also ignored the murders committed by hardened criminals he set free from prison during the pandemic, five in total now since he started his early prison release programs. Four of those deaths were double homicides committed by prisoners released weeks after they were freed by Murphy. He didn’t mention that.

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“We can prevent it. We can prevent by committing to passing strong laws,” he said. “Wiggle room is how we end up with 16 dead Americans in one fitful weekend – more than half of whom were targeted just because they were Black.”

He ignored the dozens of young black men killed this weekend in inner cities across America at the hands of other black men, a cycle that continues daily in New York, Chicago, Paterson, Atlantic City, Camden, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.

Those black lives don’t matter to Governor Murphy because they expose the Democrat party that puts black Americans in inner cities in an endless cycle of gang violence, government dependency, and poverty where the only way to make it through the day is to deal in narcotics, stolen vehicles and to always carry a gun because you never know when you’ll be the next one.

Yes, hate has no home in America, but the deaths of black Americans go ignored daily by governor Murphy who continues to enforce policies that threaten the safety of everyday Americans and tilts the tables in favor of the criminals.

Imagine if just one of those black Americans who lost their lives were allowed to have a conceal-carry permit inside that store. The outcome for Mr. Gendron could have been much different. Instead, Gendron knew New Yorkers can’t protect themselves and slaughtered his victims knowing he was safe.

Murphy called for common-sense gun control today, but New Jerseyans have been begging him for common sense criminal justice since he took office and he has completely ignored all of us, not pronounced ‘uhz’, but ‘us’.

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The right is more than ready to meet Phil Murphy in the middle of the debate, but progressive and radical left-wing Democrat Phil Murphy will never listen to our concerns about letting the bad guys go free day in and day out. GTA, random assaults, and innercity gun violence has become a way of life in New Jersey and we’re all living day to day in a real-life version of the popular Rockstar Games video game Grand Theft Auto.

Ironically, violence across the board has increased since the pandemic lockdowns as mental health deteriorates across liberal America, but the Governor will never admit that because it means he will be admitting his own role in the overall deterioration of American society since March of 2020.