What are all those loud booms this week in Central Jersey?

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – You might feel the ground shaking and the windows rattling and might be concerned. Don’t be. From now until May 23rd, Joint Base MDL will be hosting training exercises that incorporate the use of heavy weapons, artillery, mortars, and explosives.

“Heavy crew weapons training and operations munitions which may include mortar live fire, howitzer fire, and cratering charges,” Joint Base MDL said in a statement this week.

The sound of the explosions could rattle your household pets, so it’s a good idea to create distractions such as keeping the radio on and making them feel comfortable during the period of live explosive training.

Residents as far as 40 miles from the base can hear the explosions depending on the wind, weather, and cloud cover. Under low and heavy cloud cover, the sounds travel further as soundwaves bounce quicker between the ground and the clouds above.