New White House Press Secretary Still Has No Update on ‘Horrific’ Border Whipping Investigation

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Next White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre speaks at the White House in Washington

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says the Biden Administration still doesn’t have a response to a promised investigation into an alleged whipping of illegal migrants by border security personnel.

In September, the left was outraged after it claimed Border Patrol agents use whips to beat illegal immigrants crossing the border illegally.

In September, her predecessor Jen Psaki said the incident was unacceptable. She said the incident was horrific and promised to have an investigation completed within a week. That was eight months ago.

“We understand and agree that this has been an incredibly heart-wrenching issue.  We’ve watched the photos of Haitians gathering under a bridge, many with families, and the horrific video of the CBP officers on horse — on horses using brutal and inappropriate measures against innocent people,” Psaki said. “I would also reiterate that there’s an investigation that will be completed by next week — which the Secretary confirmed — that will determine the next steps on both policy and personnel.  All important questions people are asking.  And in the interim, those individuals were placed on administration — administrative leave and will not be interacting with any migrants.”

She said the incident was also inhumane.

“So, as it relates to those photos and that horrific video, we’re not going to stand for that kind of inhumane treatment.  And obviously, we want this investigation to be completed rapidly,” she said.

On her first day at the office, Jean-Pierre told reporters she has no answer.

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