CarePoint Health’s transition to non-profit receives overwhelming support from Hudson County leaders and people

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JERSEY CITY, N.J., May 17, 2022 — The transition of CarePoint Health into a non-profit has been greeted with widespread community and political support in Hudson County and across the state of New Jersey by a number of key leaders. CarePoint is overwhelmed with the impressive number of positive statements in favor of CarePoint’s decision and path forward. 

CarePoint’s hospitals were standout safety net hospitals during COVID and saved thousands of lives using both standard and cutting-edge technology, which were not available in the past in community hospitals. The need for these hospitals to thrive and support the community has been recognized universally. As the system adds additional services through partnerships like Rothman Orthopedic, Columbia Heart Source, opening an Innovation Center, moving to be fully in-network, and direct hiring, rebuilding the support from the leaders of the state has been timely. 

Comment of State Senator Sandra Cunningham:
“I am relieved to see the transfer of our three Hudson County hospitals to a non-profit entity. This transition brings us one step closer to solidifying the continuity of care for our residents and ensuring equitable access to health services for our diverse communities. Ensuring that all our residents have access to quality healthcare services is our greatest priority.”

Comment of State Senator Brian Stack:
“I fully support the non-profit transfer of the CarePoint system and am confident the hospitals will thrive once the transfer is complete.  This step comports with the positive developments I have observed under the leadership of Dr. Moulick in the past two years through COVID. He has brought the system in network with all major payers,  established critical partnerships with major players and launched much needed new service lines.  I look forward to supporting the system continue to grow and evolve and serve the citizens of this great County”. 

Comment of Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop:
“We couldn’t be more excited about this formal transformation to non-profit for CarePoint and it underscores their long commitment to serve the most diverse citizenry in the United States with quality and equitable health care. There is no question that CarePoint has been a crucial part of Jersey City and Hudson County and we applaud their commitment to work with the community and constantly re-imagine how to better deliver outstanding healthcare to our residents. This change will strengthen CarePoint in New Jersey and will provide more opportunities for growth. We are thankful for the leadership at CarePoint for making this bold decision and we know the residents of Jersey City are excited about this next chapter for CarePoint and the vital services they provide to Hudson County

Comment of Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis:
“I am very comfortable with the new, non-profit model that the CarePoint hospitals have adopted.  This new approach of the hospital management will keep the funds that they generate right here in Hudson County.  In the past, Bayonne Hospital operated as a non-profit organization that served the community well. Our residents will welcome the return of non-profit, service-oriented healthcare.”

Comment of State Assemblyman Raj Mukherji
“I extend my congratulations on the CarePoint Health System’s transition to nonprofit governance, which we hope will improve the prospects of avoiding any hospital closures in Hudson County and associated disruptions in the delivery of acute care services to our citizens. Together with going in-network with all major insurers and establishing new partnerships with nationally renowned organizations like Columbia and Rothman, I am encouraged by the progress made under Dr. Moulick’s leadership. Hudson County residents deserve the peace of mind that the future of their hospitals is secure and that the community’s healthcare needs – rather than return on investment – are the singular focus of our healthcare systems.”

Comment of State Assemblywomen Angela McKnight
“I fully support CarePoint’s transition to a non-profit and believe that it is in the best interest of the communities the system serves.  My district desperately needs quality hospital care and I am encouraged that the system is heading in the right direction , with new services, new partnerships and a renewed commitment to patient experience.  I look forward to watching the system continue to evolve into the health care provider our residents deserve under Dr. Moulick’s leadership.”  

Comment of State Assemblywomen Annette Chaparro:
“I am happy to receive the news that the CarePoint Health System is finalizing its transition to a non-profit run system, with the recent donation of a former majority owner’s assets. This is another positive step the system has taken in recent years following actions such as going in network with all the major insurers in our state, establishing new partnerships with nationally renowned entities like Columbia and Rothman, and now restructuring in a form that truly brings the community into the fold. Hudson County residents deserve the peace of mind that the future of their hospitals is secure. This newly formed non-profit board will ensure the community’s healthcare needs are the singular focus of the system and that the progressive work being done under Dr. Moulick’s leadership will continue to grow and evolve.”  

SOURCE CarePoint Health