Annual Drizly Consumer Trend Report Finds Americans Thirstier for Tequila, Cocktails in Cans and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

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Fourth annual Drizly Consumer Trend Report paints picture of emerging Gen Z imbibers – interested in red wine, willing to pay for premium; “just because” alcohol gifting on a potential upswing; home mixology may have crested since 2020

BOSTON, May 19, 2022 — Drizly, an Uber company and a leading alcohol e-commerce and on-demand delivery platform, today released its fourth annual Consumer Trend Report. The report’s findings uncover what Americans are poised to drink this summer and throughout 2022, generational preferences and differences when it comes to alcohol, and how long we can expect recent phenomena, like the rise in home bartending, to last.

Among this year’s highlights*:

  • Tequila, tequila…and more tequila. The agave-based spirit, rising fast the past few years, is poised to find its way into even more glasses – and now, cans – this summer. Adults surveyed put tequila 7 percentage points ahead of American whiskey, another red-hot category, when asked about spirits they plan to purchase more this year. Meanwhile, tequila-based ready-to-drink cocktails ranked at the top in terms of new kinds of drinks Americans want to try most, cited by 43% of those surveyed.
  • As ready-to-drink cocktails rise, home mixology may be falling. Ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs) ranked as the top adult beverage respondents anticipate buying more of this year, and separately, 73% of respondents said they would most likely enjoy RTDs at home. Further, more than one-third of those surveyed said they’re making fewer cocktails from scratch since they started drinking RTDs. This could contribute to a potential decline in home mixology, which gained in popularity over the past few years during the pandemic.
  • Millennials and Gen Z are saying yes to non-alc drinks. Gen Z (38% of respondents) and Millennials (25%) are miles ahead of Gen X (15%) and Boomers (8%) in their views of replacing at least some traditional drinks with non-alcoholic versions. “Healthier lifestyle” (44%) was chief among reasons why, outpacing “lower calories or sugar” by 10 percentage points. Men (49%) outdistanced women (36%) in citing health as their primary motivation for going the non-alcoholic route.
  • Gen Z has a surprisingly big taste for red wine…and more expensive alcohol for certain occasionsIn a surprise, the nation’s youngest legal drinkers cited red wine as the drink they most anticipate buying more of this year, topping a list that included tequila and hard seltzer, and outpolling even Gen X and Boomers for wanting more red. Gen Z is also inclined to spend more on premium alcohol at casual get-togethers – even more so than their older cohorts.
  • Giving alcohol as gifts “just because” could become more common. It’s not just Father’s Day, anniversaries and the holidays. This year’s survey points to routine alcohol gifting continuing to become more common. Shopping activity on Drizly also makes this case, where gift giving during non-traditional months is rising year-over-year, while the share of gifts purchased on the platform overall increased by 66% in 2021 compared to 2020.

“This year’s survey, along with purchase patterns we’re seeing on Drizly, sheds light on a rapidly evolving American adult beverage consumer and on Gen Z’s growing influence,” said Cathy Lewenberg, Chief Operating Officer at Drizly. “The youngest buying cohort’s willingness to purchase premium products, and their embrace of ideas like non-alcoholic alternatives, could have far-reaching implications for what, how and when we’ll choose to enjoy alcohol in the coming years. And overall, we saw consumer preferences indicating that the rising popularity of ready-to-drink cocktails isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and tequila’s growth spurt will only continue in 2022 as spirits’ appeal expands even further with shoppers.”

*The Consumer Trend Report was derived from a nationwide survey of over 1,000 adults of legal drinking age during April 2022 and supplemented by insights generated by relevant sales data on Drizly.

About Survey Methodology
The fourth annual Drizly Consumer Trend Report is based on results from a Prodege Decipher® survey conducted among a sample of 1,004 U.S. adults, aged 21 and older who have purchased alcohol in the past 90 days. Respondents had to reside in one of the following 33 states in order to qualify for the survey: Arizona; California; Colorado; Connecticut; District of Columbia; Florida; Georgia; Iowa; Idaho; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kentucky; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Minnesota; Missouri; Nebraska; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; Ohio; Oklahoma;Oregon; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Tennessee; Texas; Virginia; Washington; and Wyoming. The survey was fielded in April 2022.

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