Pittsburgh Woman Who Assaulted and Paralyzed Victim at McDonald’s to be Held in Jail Until Trial

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PITTSBURGH, PA – A Pittsburgh woman who assaulted and paralyzed a victim at a downtown McDonald’s failed to show up for her trial and now, after being captured will be held in jail until her court date.

“The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office announces the apprehension of Roneese Davis, 27 years of age from the Northside section of the City of Pittsburgh. Davis, a featured “Most Wanted Fugitive,” has been wanted since March 28, 2022, for failing to comply with a sentencing order,” the Allegheny County Police Department said. “Davis was originally charged with aggravated assault following a fight at a downtown McDonald’s Restaurant where the victim was struck by Davis in the back of the head. The victim lost consciousness and is now paralyzed. Davis went to trial and was found guilty of a lesser offense of simple assault and was sentenced to 11 1/2 to 23 months confinement, for which she failed to appear.”

Sheriff’s Deputies, investigating the whereabouts of Davis, identified a home located in the 200 block of Kennedy Avenue in the Northside.

Police said that around 7:00 PM Saturday evening, Davis was observed by Deputies exiting the home and walking to a parked vehicle. The investigating Deputy Sheriffs approached and identified themselves, peacefully taking Davis into custody. Davis was transported to the Allegheny County Jail where she will be held to begin her sentence.