Cinnaminson Police Chief Says Philadelphia Boom Parties Serious Quality of Life Issue

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CINNAMINSON, NJ – Loud streetcar boom parties held across the Delaware River in Philadelphia continue to be a quality of life issue and noise disturbance for residents in New Jersey on the other side.

In April, officials in New Jersey said they had met with Philadelphia leaders to address the problem and now, Cinnaminson Chief Richard Calabrese is asking to meet once again.

Some residents of Philadelphia aren’t being good neighbors to Delaware River waterfront communities across south Jersey. That’s because the sounds coming from their ‘boom cars’ are rippling across the river causing a noise disturbance to residents of those communities.

“Several municipal and State of New Jersey officials, including Cinnaminson Police Chief Richard Calabrese, met today with representatives of the City of Philadelphia to discuss the “Boom Car” noise concerns which have impacted communities along the Delaware River,” the Cinnaminson Police Department said back in April. “As a result of that meeting, the Philadelphia Police Department has ordered additional resources to patrol the areas in which the noises have been reported, specifically during peak hours. Agency policies and procedures are being reviewed and modified to help combat this issue as well.”

Chief Calabrese said participating agencies and officials will soon meet again to monitor progress and reevaluate plans as needed, the department said.

Chief Calabrese said residents are encouraged to contact the Cinnaminson Police Department’s non-emergency phone number at (856) 829-6666 to report loud noises.

“This will assist the Cinnaminson Police Department with documenting the concerns and coordinating a response with other area agencies,” Chief Calabrese said. “I am aware of the numerous noise complaints caused by the Philadelphia “Boom Parties” and your frustrations when calling for assistance on this matter. I assure everyone that your complaints are heard and I am doing everything in my power and ability to end this serious quality-of-life issue. This morning, I requested a meeting with the Philadelphia Police Commissioner and City Officials who have the authority to help now. I will keep everyone updated. Please keep calling to complain when you hear it.”