Two-Shot Historic Derringer Confiscated by Police During Arrest

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SUFFOLK COUNTY, NY – Shirley, you can’t be serious. But yes, police in Suffolk County have arrested a Shirley, NY man for possession of this two-shot Derringer pistol.

“A Shirley man was recently arrested on a gun charge and an illegal handgun was taken off the streets in Wyandanch. Police seized a 2-shot Derringer,” police said.

It’s not sure whether the suspect was on his way to a duel to defend his honor or not, but this model appears to be a Remington Model 95, which was produced between 1866 and 1935. While the actual company Derringer stopped producing guns in the early 1980s, other manufacturers continue to make modern variants of the gun.

This is the same gun used by James T. West in the television show Wild Wild West which aired from 1965-1969 and by John Wayne in the book, The Shootist. In an episode of the Simpsons, the gun was mocked in satire, being used in a barroom brawl and the bullets bounced off the glasses.