What Happens If President Trump Endorses Chris Smith CD-4 Opponent for Congress?

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – With the key races in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Alabama out of the way this week, former U.S. President Donald Trump and his team are now looking toward the next group of primaries where America First candidates face off against the Republican Party establishment.

One of those races is New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District where Trump personally called for a primary challenge to 40-year incumbent Chris Smith. Trump put Smith in his crosshairs after Smith voted for the Biden infrastructure deal last year. Smith is running against political newcomer Mike Crispi.

“When President Trump called for a primary against RINO Chris Smith, I knew someone had to stand up and act,” Crispi said.

Seaside Heights resident and former Right Side Broadcast Network personality Mike Crispi answered Trump’s call. Now, Crispi has lined up the top echelons in the Trump politician machine such as Trump advisor Roger Stone, General Michael Flynn, and “America’s Mayor”Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Both have already endorsed Crispi and his America First slates in Ocean and Monmouth County.

Now, insiders within the Trump organization say a Trump nomination could be next. The perfect storm is brewing for the Crispi team which has the coveted Column A line in both counties, but his opponents still have the establishment GOP line. June 7th will be a defining moment to decide whether official party lines in New Jersey still have the same value they had in the pre-post-Trump era.

Today the campaign issued a press release declaring, “Crispi’s explosive momentum is fueling speculation that his next endorsement could come from President Donald J. Trump himself.”

“Smith has betrayed everything President Trump and the America First movement stands for – from voting for Biden’s Green New Deal non-infrastructure bill to certifying the stolen 2020 election and voting for Pelosi’s January 6th Witch Hunt commission – Smith routinely undermined President Trump, his policies, and his legacy,” Crispi said.  “After 42 years, its time for him to go.”

Smith has lined up the perennial establishment GOP endorsements that include currently elected officials and the party chairman. The only recognizable MAGA or conservative voice that has endorsed Smith is former New Jersey Gubernatorial candidate Joseph Rullo. Rullo had endorsed Smith early on in the election before the pack was cleared to make way for Crispi.

Rullo, who has 386,000 followers on social media though has maintained relative radio silence about the campaign in recent weeks.