North Brunswick to Increase Police Presence Wednesday at Schools

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Shooting reported near elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – A school shooting on Tuesday claimed the lives on 19 students and three adults. Now, police in North Brunswick said security will be heightened at schools in the city.

“The North Brunswick Police Department is aware of the horrible tragedy that occurred today at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and we extend our sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims of this horrific act and we will keep them in our prayers,” the department said. “At this time there is no known link to North Brunswick, and we have no reason to believe there is any threat to our community. Out of an abundance of caution, we will be increasing police presence in each of our schools.
In 95 percent of mass shootings at least one person is aware the incident will occur before it does.”

“These tragedies deeply affect every community, including ours. This is a time to come together to renew our commitment to family and neighbors, but most of all to our children who deserve to know that we will do anything and everything to protect them and keep them safe,” said North Brunswick Mayor Francis Womack.