Got a Problem With My People? Man Shouts Before Shooting Woman in Philadelphia Six Times

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Philadelphia Police Department today reported that a black man entered a woman’s home and shouted, “Someone got a problem with my people?”

The man then shot the woman, six times before fleeing. That happened last fall, now police are still searching for the suspect, releasing surveillance video footage of the man on Friday.

According to police, on September 5, 2021, at approximately 7:00 pm, the victim, a 44-year-old-female, was inside her home on the 6200 block of Sansom Street in the dining room when an unknown black male entered through the front door armed with a handgun.

The suspect then said, “someone got a problem with my people” and began to fire his gun striking the victim causing her to fall to the floor.

“While on the floor the suspect then shot her several more times then fled out the front door. The victim was transported to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center by medic where she was treated for six (6) gunshot wounds in the hands, legs and back and was listed in stable condition,” police reported at the time.