Phil Murphy Blames Rowdy Urban Pop Up Parties on COVID-19

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LONG BRANCH, NJ – If you’re wondering why your beach town is being overrun by unruly teens and young adults from the inner cities, it’s probably because of COVID-19.

That’s the explanation given this week by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who said the parties should go on, but they need to be done in a less overwhelming and rowdy manner. Last weekend, police were called into Long Branch after a pop up party got out of hand with street fights and swarms of people overrunning the Pier Village beachfront area.

Police in riot gear dispersed the crowd and the city enacted a curfew to dispel the rowdy crowds of people.

Murphy this week said don’t judge then attendees, they suffered through two years of his draconian COVID-19 lockdowns.

“You’re coming out of a pandemic where people are desperate to get back out and scream from the highest mountains and get back in with other people,” Murphy said Monday. “I get that and we have to figure out responsible ways for that to happen.”

Days later, Murphy announced free access all summer long to state parks including Ocean County’s Island Beach State Park.