Fredrick Police Officers Diffuse Tensions Ahead of All Out Brawl

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FREDERICK, MD – Frederick Police Officers diffused a possible dangerous and even deadly situation before it happened Monday night.

“During a recent late-night patrol shift, Officers Gozdziewski and Genovese observed a large group of residents outside of a downtown business establishment. As tensions between parties increased, both officers observed a group of people about to begin fighting,” the department said today. “Gozdziewski and Genovese proactively approached the group, and Gozdziewski noticed that one individual appeared to duck and hide something behind a vehicle. Gozdziewski asked Genovese to detain that individual while she searched the area, where she found a loaded firearm.”

Police said Gozdziewski and Genovese demonstrated quick thinking and proactive intervention in order to prevent a dangerous situation from developing into potentially a senseless tragedy.

“Using communication and teamwork, they were able to quickly find the firearm, arrest the suspect and de-escalate the crowd,” the department said. “This serves as a reminder of the rapid response our officers provide daily to help keep the community safe.”