So, There’s A GTA Online Casino Heist Hack and I Feel Stupid for Not Knowing About It, Sort Of

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Let’s start this first by saying I’ve played Grand Theft Auto Online for quite a long time, off and on since launch. There’s a certain level of pride in not cheating in online games, save of course for the Cayo Perico Heist running with another to keep doing it over and over. But don’t do that, it’s against the terms of service and can get you banned, wink, wink.

I’m not really big into cheats and hacks because they ruin the game experience for many. It’s also why I’ll never play GTA online on PC ever again, except to mess around with LSPDFR or other single-player mods and menus.

I’ve done the Casino Heist maybe 100 times now. Every version, every disguise, every vehicle, in any manner possible. It’s a relatively easy heist to complete and I enjoy helping others complete it.

This week, when I accepted a random, the guy on the other end, asked, “Do you know the hack?”

Not a great question, but I asked, “What hack? We can knock this out in a few minutes.”

“It’s the only hack there is, you $&@#@ng noob,” he responded.

So I was like, ok, then what’s this hack?

He wouldn’t answer. I said, “Are we doing it straight up or are you just gonna bounce to hack it some way.”

After a few minutes of silence, the other player bounced as I expected, but it left me curious. What is the hack?

I searched the internet for “Diamond Casino Heist Hack” and of course came up empty-handed on anything that might change cash into diamonds, or maybe instantly unlock the drop boxes or speed up the bag loading. Nothing. Then I checked some of the more darker places of the internet gaming world, and still, nothing groundbreaking came up.

About an hour later, I realized, he meant hacking the fingerprint locks on the locked vault gates. That part of the heist is so rudimentary. I was thinking too deeply thinking he was talking about some other hack to actually hack the heist. Now, I know why he left.

Coming from a world in MMORPGs and FPS, where hacking is the norm for many, including dupes, etc. I really thought this guy was talking about something much deeper than he was.

The dude just wanted to know if I knew the fingerprint hacking tool, which, duh, ya, because it’s like every other hacking tool in the game, built for 10-year-olds in mind. I’ve never been asked if I knew the hack for the heist in that manner. Now we know, at the end of the day, lesson learned, not everyone in GTA Online is out to dupe, hack, exploit, or grief.

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