GTA Online: Submarine Life With Pavel

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If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V Online for a while, chances are you’ve been everywhere and have done everything in-game. One of the aspects of the game most players overlook is submarine life with Pavel, the Russian submariner who tends to your Kosatka.

If you want to change the game up a bit for a day or two, you can invest more into your Kotsaka and have some fun with submarine life with Pavel.

Pavel is your submarine’s first mate and engineer…and cook…and navigator. He’s also the voice in your head during the Cayo Perico Heist.

He is a former Russian sailor who now works for your criminal enterprise and an associate of the Madrazo Cartel, allegedly.

If you’re tired of the mundane, get out your checkbook and start your insane spending spree.

First, if you don’t have a Kosatka, it’s going to run you $2.2 million outside of special event pricing.

From there, you can deck out your submarine with all of the goodies you’ll need to live and play underwater for a few days.

  • $75,000 for a new paint job.
  • $1,200,000 for a sonar station.
  • $1,900,000 for guided missles.
  • $1,815,000 for a sparrow helicopter.
  • $1,500,000 for a Kraven Avisa person submarine.

Here are some fun activities for you on your Kosatka.

Finding hidden caches

There are 10 hidden caches at sea for you to drive your Kosatka to and dive down to get. You will get $7,500 for each. While it’s hardly a return on your investment it’s a fun way to get your feet wet as a Los Santos salvage and rescue operator. There are 10 per day with 100 possible locations. You also get 500 RP for each cache. You can float around at sea with your sonar on or you can get a list of locations here.


Treasure hunters and tourists are reporting sightings of a wooden boat washed up on the waterfront. The wreck is said to contain treasure and scraps of clothing, seven of which can be combined to form an outfit from a previous era. Each day, the wreck’s whereabouts will be subject to the tides. Should you spot it out on your travels, make sure to check for a chest filled with bounty.

Ride around the coast of Los Santos in your Kosatka and fly out with your Sparrow to find shipwrecks along the shoreline. There are 30 possible locations each day and you can collect pieces of to get a frontiersman outfit.

There are 30 possible locations. Each real-life day, resetting at 06:00 UTC at the same time as the Daily Objectives, a chest will spawn next to a wrecked longboat at the same random location in all online lobbies. The chests also emit a sound, similar to previous treasure hunt items, which helps with locating them. If enabled, the player’s controller will also vibrate when approaching a chest. All players in the session are able to collect the same chest. – GTA Fandom

Each piece gives you $20,000 and 2,000 RP.

The first 7 you find will have outfit scraps for the frontier outfit.

Wreck Diver

If you explore the various underwater wreckage off the coast of Los Santos, you can find hidden packages and briefcases with cash loots.

Not all of them are underwater, but most are. There are 12 in all. They don’t show up on the sonar, so you can get a list of locations here.

Underwater Oddities Explorer

Search for wrapped up bodies, UFOs and mysterious hatches to nowhere by using this map to explore under the sea.

Blow People Up with Missles

When all of that gets boring, park your Kostaka off the coast of Del Perro Beach and launch rockets at other players. It takes some getting used to, but in no time, you’ll be directing airstrikes against players in your lobby successfully. You can even try to shoot other players out of the air.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

When Pavel isn’t busy fixing the leaks in your stolen Russian submarine, he’s cooking up treats in the galley. You can fully restock your snacks and drinks here.

The life of a submariner under the sea isn’t pretty and you’re not going to get rich, but if you already have everything you want, it’s a fun shift of pace to spend a few hours onboard your Kosatka with Pavel.