Black Bear Sighted in Aberdeen Township

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ABERDEEN, NJ – Residents in Aberdeen have reported seeing a black bear in the neighborhood near Van Brackle Road and Line Road. The sighting was reported at around 6:30 am on Thursday, according to police.

“Officers from both agencies searched the area with negative results. Upon speaking with the New Jersey Fish and Wildlife they believe that the bear will move on from Aberdeen Township soon,” the police said. “[The NJ DEP] They advised that as long as it has avenues of escape they will not come to remove the bear. We will continue to monitor this situation and as always please call the Aberdeen Township Police Department if it is an emergency.”

“Fish and Wildlife will not respond to remove the bear from our location unless it gets into a fixed position such as a tree or an enclosure,” the department said.

If you see the bear, please call (877) 927-6337. If you have bear questions call (908) 735-6938.