Police Respond to Report of Woman Screaming in Wooded Area Near North Park Tennis Courts

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MC CANDLESS, PA – Police responded to a call for a woman screaming for help in the woods near the North Park Tennis Courts on Thursday. According to police, at around 11:46 PM, officers at North Park received a call for a female voice heard screaming in the wooded area near the tennis courts.

Two witnesses also reported a gold vehicle in the area with all the doors open.

“Officers responded and found a gold vehicle with the doors closed and the windows fogged over. A male was in the driver’s seat leaned back,” police said. “The male was barefoot with his feet covered in grass. Officers informed the driver that they were investigating a call for a female screaming in the area. The male was uncooperative and evasive in answering questions.”

Police said, during the investigative detention, a struggle ensued between the officers and the male. The male was taken into custody and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and resisting arrest. The male was identified as Austin Smyers of Wexford.

Officers requested the assistance of local volunteer fire departments and a police K-9 to conduct a search of the wooded area for the female heard screaming. After several hours, the search was suspended and the woman was not found.