Your 4th of July BBQ is Going to Cost A Lot More in 2022, So is Getting to It

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Last year, the Biden Administration boasted that under President Joe Biden, your Fourth of July BBQ will cost 16 cents less than it cost under former President Donald J. Trump. While the liberal fact-checkers missed that outrageous claim, when in fact food cost more, this year, it’s definitely going to cost more than last year.

On top of that, getting to your BBQ and the costs associated with natural gas for your grill and electricity costs are going further increase the cost.

Everything costs more this year from buns to condiments to the main course at your BBQ.

According to a CNN report, since last summer:

  • Ground beef prices rose 14.7%.
  • Frozen meat and poultry rose 15.7%.
  • Frozen sausage rose 24.%.
  • Hot dog prices increased by 14.5%.
  • Hamburger and hot dog buns cost 11.2% more.
  • Condiments rose 10.4%.
  • Carbonated beverages rose 13.9%.
  • Lettuce costs 13.8% more.
  • Tomatoes rose 4.8%.

It doesn’t end there. In order to get to your bbq, it’s going to cost you more than twice as much in some areas as gas closes in on $5 per gallon in most of the country.