Trump’s Endorsement For New Jersey Congressional Candidate Mike Crispi is Huge

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – The endorsement of Seaside Heights resident Mike Crispi in the 4th Congressional District by former President Donald Trump here at the Jersey Shore is a huge win for the political newcomer. Last year, Trump called for a primary for 40-year incumbent Congressman Chris Smith. Smith drew Trump’s ire and put a crosshair on the man who has been in Congress since Jimmy Carter was President.

Now Trump got that candidate.

Gaining Trump’s endorsement could give Crispi the advantage he needs to beat Smith. A Trump endorsement could mean the difference between losing by a few points to winning by a few points at the end of the day Tuesday, or whenever ballots are finally counted in full.

On Friday, Crispi was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News over Smith’s left-leaning views of gun control. Crispi used the Fox News spot to slam Smith over his voting record against Trump while in Congress, his vote for the January 6th commission, and his vote in favor of the Biden-Democrat infrastructure project.

While that spot could send more votes Crispi’s way, the Trump endorsement is bigger. With just a few days left before the election, the Trump endorsement would give the Crispi campaign and their down-ballot running mates a leg up on Tuesday as many Republicans will be voting at the voting booth this year.

Although Trump hasn’t endorsed Crispi yet, there are a few days left and a last-minute endorsement would put the Smith campaign on edge even more than they are currently. Smith doesn’t like opponents, especially ones backed by Trump.

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Crispi says he’s confident he will win with or without the former President’s endorsement. Whether or not Trump issues a last-minute endorsement or not, Crispi’s eventual outcome lies squarely in Trump’s hands, even if he continues to bunker down on the New Jersey race he ordered. He owns the results whether he likes it or not.

The next four days will tell whether Trump’s agenda will decide the winner of the race or if the Republican Party in Ocean County will fall in line once again behind the establishment line. We’ll also find out if Trump will put his money where his mouth is in CD-4 here in New Jersey.