Facebook Marketplace Buyers Robbed at Gunpoint in Clifton

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CLIFTON, NJ – He thought he was buying a new phone from a seller on the Facebook Marketplace. It turned out, he was walking into a trap to rob him.

Last weekend, a 30-year-old male from New York City, met two individuals in the area of Sanford Street and Clifton Boulevard in anticipation of purchasing cellular phones via Facebook Marketplace.

“When the victim arrived in possession of cash, which encompassed the payment for the phones, as well as his child’s daycare and his rent, one of the “sellers” threatened him with a handgun – demanding that he hand over all of the cash in possession, Police said, saying the man was robbed of a few thousand dollars. “The victim complied and the suspects fled the scene in a vehicle.”

The subsequent investigation by Clifton detectives led to the identification of a Passaic resident as one of the perpetrators, specifically, Yormani Cruz, 20 years of age.

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He has been apprehended and is charged with Armed Robbery and weapons related offenses.

“Whenever feasible, we highly recommend that anyone who is partaking in an internet transaction of any kind to arrange for a meeting place that is in a busy and public area,” the Clifton Police Department said. “This will not eliminate the threat completely, but will significantly reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a theft or robbery.”