Did You Know There’s a Great Indian Restaurant in Toms River?

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Assorted indian food set on wooden background. Dishes and appetisers of indeed cuisine, rice, lentils, paneer, samosa, spices, masala. Bowls and plates with indian food

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River is known for pizzerias, Chinese restaurants, and chain brand restaurants. If you look beyond the big lights and bright signs of the cookie-cutter chains, you’ll find a hidden gem in town, especially if you’re seeking to indulge in new flavors.

Two Indian-themed restaurants in Toms River stand out, Aamantran on Route 166 in North Dover and Royal Grill on Route 37.

Aadamantran is a traditional Indian restaurant and let’s just say their homemade, cooked on-premise naan bread is to die for as is most every item on their menu.

The family-based staff at Aamantran is top-notch and when you go there, you feel like you’ve stepped out of Toms River and into the home of an Indian family having you over for dinner. They have everything you can want at an Indian restaurant. We’re not going to delve into their particular dishes and menu, but if you’re looking for something different this week, try Indian and try Aamantran.