Avalon Beach Replenishment Project Expected to Finish Today

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AVALON, NJ – A project to put sand back on the beach in Avalon before the official start of summer has finished ahead of schedule, the Jersey Shore town said this week.

“The Avalon sand back passing project will end this week. Avalon’s municipal engineer reports that the sand hauling on the Borough’s beachfront will conclude mid-morning on Thursday, June 9th. Bulldozers will remain on the beach during the day Thursday to perform final grading of the beach,” the town said. “On Friday, June 10th, the contractor intends to remove the road plates currently covering the outfall pipes, and will fill in sand under the pier. Equipment will be demobilized on Friday; if the work does not get done Friday, the equipment will be removed on Monday. Some scraping of the new beach can be expected after the final quantities of sand are placed on the beach, which is a natural occurrence as the sand and water create an equilibrium.”

Thus far, the safe and efficient project that will conclude a week before the end of the contract, even with additional sand quantities added.

Avalon officials expect all beach paths will be open to the public once the equipment is off the beach. No work will be done on our beach this Saturday and Sunday, with all paths open.