Westfield Police Administer Three Doses of Narcan to Save Drug Overdose Victim

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WESTFIELD, NJ – When Westfield police officers arrived at a home on May 30th at 9:10 am, they found an unresponsive adult male who apparently overdosed on controlled substances..

Westfield police officers Frank Moya and Joseph Natale encountered a 22-year-old male victim lying in a supine position on his bedroom floor.

“He was unconscious and not breathing, but had a detectible pulse. The officers administered an initial 4 MG dose of Narcan intranasally, followed by high-flow supplemental oxygen delivered via an arterial manual breathing unit,” the Westfield police department said. “After receiving no response to their initial actions, they administered a second dose of Narcan.”

Patient care was transferred to the Westfield Rescue Squad, which directed that Officers Moya and Natale deliver a third 4 MG dose of “Narcan” to the victim. Following delivery of the third dose, the patient began breathing on his own and subsequently regained consciousness. He was transported to a local area hospital for further evaluation and treatment.