Jackson Township, Mayor Reina to Settle Religious Lawsuit With Department of Justice

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – The Township of Jackson has agreed to settle a religious civil liberties lawsuit with the Department of Justice that claimed the township created laws and ordinances meant to keep Orthodox Jews from moving to the township.

The lawsuit contended Mayor Michael Reina and other elected officials orchestrated a plot to discourage religious Jews from buying homes in the community with measures such as banning dormitories, schools, and religious eruvs.

On Tuesday, the Orthodox Jewish community delivered a crippling blow to the Jackson Township Republican Club, where many of those members supported the council ordinances signed into law by Mayor Michael Reina.

Reina was named in the lawsuit after he told residents, “Stay Strong, Don’t Sell” their homes to Orthodox Jews at a meet and greet with residents in the town hall, according to the DOJ lawsuit.

This week, Reina orchestrated a successful takeover of the Jackson Township Republican Club by aligning with Orthodox Jews who methodically removed non-Jews from office, whether or not they were part of Reina’s prior actions against the Jewish community.

The act was reported by one of the world’s largest online Jewish websites, Hamodia reported “Orthodox Jews Win County Committee Elections in Jackson, NJ, GOP Club Officials Pushed Out“, signaling the effort was based on religious affiliation.

“Nearly THREE DOZEN Lakewood-Area Jews Win Their Primaries in Massive Win for Frum Community”, was the headline at Yeshiva World.

Shortly after the election victory, Reina, who supported the Orthodox Jewish effort to control the local Republican party, announced the town would be settling the long-standing lawsuit with the Department of Justice.

The town council will vote on the settlement resolution on June 14th. At this time, the township has not revealed any details regarding the consent order authorizing township attorneys to enter into a settlement agreement.