Rapper MoneyGangVontae Shot and Killed inside New York City Pharmacy During Robbery

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NEW YORK, NY – Los Angeles drill rapper Avanti Frowner was gunned down during an attempted robbery Thursday at a Bronx pharmacy, the New York City Police Department reported. Frowner who goes by the stage name MoneyGangVontae was in the area scouting music venues and entered the Amazing Pharmacy on East Tremont Avenue at around 2 pm.

A witness said Frowner was picking up an eye drop prescription after visiting a doctor as he and the rapper were approached by a group of men attempting to sell them marijuana. The sale quickly turned into a robbery as they began taking his personal belongings, including his wallet, gold chain and phone. Tremont retreated inside the pharmacy and one of the four men followed, pulling a gun and shooting him multiple times.

Employees and customers inside the pharmacy ducked behind aisles and counters during the shooting. Frowner ended up taking several shots to the chest and was later pronounced dead at St. Barnabas Hospital.

A worker at the store said she heard Frowner begging the gunman to spare his life.