Point Pleasant Pop-Up Party Planner Pulls Plug After Mayor’s Stern Warning of Arrest

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POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ – Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra just took his place at the top of the Republican Party in Ocean County as perhaps one of the few mayors who follows through with his promises to his community.

Last week, Kanitra called out the ‘idiots’ who were planning a pop-up party in his town, complete with a street fighting match, booze and weed, and promised his residents he will do whatever he can to stop it from happening.

After a lawsuit was filed against promoters of a recent Long Branch popup party and Kanitra’s threat to incarcerate those who caused trouble in his town, the promoter backed down and canceled the event.

“There will be no beach party June 18th or 19th!!!!!!” the promoter told followers this weekend. “Anybody in attendance may be prosecuted and have to answer to the law. I take no responsibility in the event of any gathering. Everybody stay home. This is a serious matter don’t take it lightly.”

Kanitra called the cancellations, “A huge step in the right direction.”

“Maybe you can hold classes for the NJ government to show them things should be done,” one follower responded to the mayor.

Some called for Kanitra to run for governor…and you know what, he might just have a shot if he keeps this up.

“Congratulations Pt. Pleasant Beach you have the most Outstanding Mayor And Council!!! You have a mayor who totally put his town, citizens and business owners first. Let me also mention what he has done for Ukraine,” said Frances Accardi. “NJ pay attention we need a Governor Paul in the near future!”