Rules for Thee, Toms River Democrats Vote Against Mail-In Ballots in County Chairman Election

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy visits Toms River, August 2, 2021. L-R Councilman Kevin Geoghegan, Councilman Terrance Turnbach, Governor Phil Murphy, Mayor Maurice "Mo" Hill. Field of Dreams event. Photo by Toms River Township, public domain.

TOMS RIVER, NJ – In another demonstration of rules for thee and not for we, the Democrat party in Ocean County has voted against a proposal to allow mail-in ballots for the upcoming Democrat County Chairman’s election between moderate incumbent Wyatt Earp and progressive liberal challenger Terrance Turnbach.

Mail-in ballots are the backbone of voting rights, according to party Democrats from Governor Phil Murphy all the way up to President Joe Biden. But, a proposal to allow mail-in ballots in this year’s internal election for party chairman in Ocean County was defeated by progressive Democrats led by Terrance Turnbach. Turnbach, if you remember, was a councilman in Toms River who pushed for a liberal agenda in Toms River and was soundly defeated in last year’s municipal council election.

The measure, which required a two-thirds majority to win, received 82 votes in favor and 49 against. While the Turnbach-aligned Democrats saw blocking the party’s mail-in ballot attempt as a victory, Turnbach not only left the meeting, he now sees himself with only 1/3 of the support of his own party in the chairman’s race.

The vote also showed the party’s hand to Earp, who now has enough election intelligence on his opposition to know that he should win this race by at least a 60-40 margin, as the moderates in the primarily conservative-leaning county are poised to reject Turnbach and his Biden backed, progressive politics.

In the end, Democrats in Ocean County did overwhelmingly favor Earp’s proposal, but the Turnbach faction are fully aware of the political advantage mail-in ballots give his opposition and once again, Democrats showed themselves as the elitist party that pushes rules on others, but doesn’t follow their own rules.