Wyckoff Police Ice Cold When It Comes to Bike Safety This Summer

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Stock Photo (not cone offered in story) Girls sisters wearing bicycle helmet and gloves with rucksack rides bicycle. Girls children are bicycling in summer park. Happy girls biking eating ice cream cone .

WYCKOFF, NJ – If you’re riding your bike this summer around Wyckoff, remember to wear a helmet. Not just because it’s the safe thing to do, because it could earn you a free ice cream cone at the local Dairy Queen.

Starting in the next week, the Wyckoff Police Department, in coordination with Dairy Queen, will be introducing their “Summonses for Bicycle Safety” summer campaign.

“This summer, if you are 17 and under and are caught by a Wyckoff Police Officer wearing your helmet while riding your bike, you may be issued a “summons” for a free ice cream cone at the Wyckoff Dairy Queen, 299 Franklin Avenue,” police said. “Through this campaign, we hope to encourage kids and teenagers to remember to always wear a helmet when riding their bikes.”

The Wyckoff police department reminds residents that helmets are vital in preventing head injuries that can happen because of a bicycle accident.