Pennsylvania Cop Who Operated Stash House for Mexican Drug Cartel One of Nine Arrested in Raid

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WILKES-BARRE, PA – A raid at a stash house that stored drugs for a Mexican drug cartel, owned by a Hanover Township cop, led to the arrest of nine people, according to Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Stemming from an investigation that began in December 2021 into the ringleaders of the organization, Gerinardo Rivera and Ramon Severino Fernandez, police moved in this week to shut it down.

“Today, we took down a drug trafficking organization with direct ties to the flow of illegal drugs across our southern border,” said AG Shapiro. “Disrupting this pipeline and enforcing the law at the border are vital to protecting our communities. I want to thank our law enforcement partners for their hard work in this investigation and for their help in getting violent drug dealers off our streets.”

According to Shapiro, drug enforcement agents learned that Rivera and Fernandez were coordinating drug resupplies from a Mexican source and using an apartment in Wilkes-Barre as a stash house.

“The owner of the stash house, Kevin Davis, is related to Rivera by marriage and is an active police officer for Hanover Township,” Shapiro said. “The investigation showed that Davis was aware of Rivera and Fernandez’s work and assisted them in the operation. The six-month investigation, conducted by the Office of Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation, resulted in the arrests of nine individuals, including Rivera, Fernandez, and Davis.”

Agents also seized 10 pounds of meth worth over $600,000, 2.7 pounds or 63,000 doses of fentanyl, 10 pounds of marijuana, and $15,063 in cash.

Gerinardo Rivera, Ramon Severino Fernandez, Carlos Vasquez, Andrew Pope, Kevin Davis, and William Breha have been charged with Possession with intent to distribute, Corrupt Organizations, Conspiracy, and Criminal Use of Communications Facility. Mark Finley, Scott Knox, and Erin McNew have been charged with Criminal Use of Communications Facility and Criminal Solicitation.