Why Is It So Hard to Get A Restraining Order in New Jersey?

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SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – If somebody is harassing or threatening you and your family, perhaps a suspect with an extensive criminal background who acts with impunity, chances are, unless you’re domestically connected, you won’t be able to get a court-ordered restraining order against that person.

In New Jersey, fraudsters, harassers and criminals know the law, and they know they are free to conduct their deviant behavior against their victims. They also are fully aware of the laws and their own rights in the backward state of New Jersey.

Many have gone through law school in prison, in the form of being a jailhouse lawyer, somebody who has plenty of time to study the law, and often uses that knowledge of the law for the furtherance of more crimes.

That could all be coming to an end under a bill sponsored by New Jersey Republican Senator John Bramnick.

Senator Jon Bramnick said. “It’s ridiculous that people who are being stalked and harassed can’t go straight to court for a restraining order unless they are family members or in a relationship.”

“It’s ridiculous that you can’t get a restraining order without filing criminal charges when you have a crazy neighbor who is harassing you or someone is stalking you,” said Bramnick (R-21). “A restraining order can help stop concerning behavior from turning into something more dangerous. Other states make it easier for victims of harassment to get protective restraining orders, and New Jersey should too.”

Bramnick cosponsors, S-1517, bipartisan legislation that would allow restraining orders to be issued for situations in which domestic violence statutes do not apply.