Gloucester Township Police Tell Kids to “Chill”

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GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ – It’s time for kids in Gloucester Township to chill, according to the local police department. Kids can now get a free 7-11 Slurpee simply for wearing a helmet while riding their bikes around town.

“Be on the lookout for our GTPD Officers who have Operation Chill Coupons,” the Gloucester Township Police Department reported.

This year marks the 27th year of “Operation Chill”, 7-Eleven’s signature community outreach program designed to enhance relationships among stores, police, and youth.

“Operation Chill allows our Gloucester Township Police Officers to AWARD a coupon to kids they see doing good deeds or exhibiting positive behavior, such as wearing their bicycle helmet while riding or playing safely in their Gloucester Township, New Jersey neighborhoods- good for a free small Slurpee drink at any participating 7-Eleven store,” the department said.

Gloucester Township’s 7-Eleven Stores are located in the Glendora Section at Evesham Road at Station Avenue, in the Blackwood Section on Church Street, and the Blackwood Section on Blackwood Clementon Road between Kelly Driver’s Lane and Laurel Roads!