ClorDiSys Presents Chlorine Dioxide Gas Medical Device Sterilization at the 2022 Kilmer Conference

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BRANCHBURG, N.J., June 23, 2022 — ClorDiSys is proud to have been a part of the 2022 Kilmer Conference held in Athens, Greece.  The company was selected to conduct a poster presentation entitled “Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization of Medical Devices.”  The presentation outlined the properties of chlorine dioxide gas as well as the available technology.   Due to the growing environmental and health concerns surrounding ethylene oxide, it is becoming increasingly crucial for industry users to find alternative sterilization methods for their products.  Chlorine dioxide gas is seen as the ideal alternative and offers significant advancements in many of occasions.  ClorDiSys generates a pure form of chlorine dioxide gas which is a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered sterilant, is non-carcinogenic, and non-explosive.  These qualities allow for a paradigm shift of being able to bring sterilization into a medical device manufacturing facility rather than outsourcing to a contract sterilization facility.  The process also does not result in harmful residues which is a concern that is often experienced with ethylene oxide sterilization.  A sterilization feature also highly of interest to industry members is that cycles do not require an increase in temperature as ethylene oxide requires.  This allows temperature sensitive devices to be highly successful under chlorine dioxide sterilization.  Chlorine dioxide cycle lengths range depending on each device’s requirements, but typically last from two to eight hours, start to finish.  This is a significant advancement in time saving as compared with ethylene oxide cycles. 

The Kilmer Conference has been a vital institution to the healthcare community since the 1970’s and ClorDiSys is honored to have had the opportunity to further educate industry professionals on chlorine dioxide gas’ potential impact to the world.

Established in 2001, ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc is a New Jersey based business that manufactures sterilization equipment and is an FDA registered contract sterilization facility which utilizes chlorine dioxide gas.  ClorDiSys developed its technology through Johnson and Johnson, and chlorine dioxide gas has been providing true sterilization of medical devices for over 25 years.

SOURCE ClorDiSys Solutions Inc