Jackson Republicans Postpone Mayoral Screening Announcement As Rift Threatens Reina’s Nomination, Party Status Quo

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – The divided Jackson Republicans have pushed off their mayoral screening process which was scheduled for last Friday as party leaders hope for a resolution in the divided split amongst club members.

Realizing Mayor Michael Reina was not going to get the support of the screening committee, despite a landslide county committee election in which Reina and other members of the club aligned with the powerful Orthodox Jewish voting bloc, the club was urged by party leaders to postpone Friday’s screening.

Other possible candidates in the running are alleged to be Councilman Marty Flemming and Councilman Alex Sauickie.

Despite getting the majority control on the county committee election on June 8th, Reina fell short in convincing Jackson club leaders to endorse him. Now, the party will begin negotiating with and making deals to get Flemming and Sauickie to back down and re-enter the fold to present a united front in favor of Reina.

Flemming, along with club President Todd Porter, GOP Chairwoman Clara Glory, Councilman Andy Kern and other longtime GOP leaders were ousted by an Orthodox Jewish-based political insurgency during the June 8th election. Online Jewish newspapers celebrated the victories of Orthodox Jews in Jackson in June, calling it a victory for people once oppressed by Reina’s administration. Now that community has lined up behind Reina, who was once called a “caged tiger” by former Lakewood VAAD member Rabbi Aaron Kotler.

In an interview with Jackson Jewish leaders regarding the election, they told Shore News Network, “We have him where we want him…if not Reina then who…we cannot start over with somebody else at this point.”

Now, those ousted longtime GOP members must be wined and dined by party leaders to get them to support Reina in the upcoming township mayoral election. If opposed, Reina is anticipated to lose this year’s election without the full support of township Republicans.

Many residents in Jackson have taken to social media to decry Reina’s new political allegiance, claiming he has ‘sold out’ Jackson for his own political and personal career.

Sources within the Jackson GOP today said township attorney Greg McGuckin called for a temporary ceasefire between the two sides while negotiations and concessions are made. You can expect to see Reina’s opponents given appointments, public contracts, jobs to family members, and committee appointments in return for backing off a challenge to the mayor.