New Jersey Republicans Applaud Supreme Court Ruling on Right to Conceal Carry

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A pistol in a leather holster. The gun is on the table. Top.

TRENTON, NJ – Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that justification for conceal carry permits is unconstitutional, New Jersey Republican Senator Ed Durr wants to push a bill that will end New Jersey’s unconstitutional conceal and carry justification laws.

Following a ruling by the United States Supreme Court today that struck down New York’s restrictive concealed carry law, Senator Ed Durr called for the passage of his bill to allow the safe concealed carry of guns in New Jersey in a manner that passes constitutional muster.

“New Jersey’s extremely restrictive concealed carry law is clearly unconstitutional for the same reason that New York’s law was just struck down by the Supreme Court,” said Durr (R-3). “I have proposed eliminating the justifiable need requirement from our concealed carry law that the United States Supreme Court said violates the Second Amendment. Further, I have proposed requiring comprehensive training to ensure that those who would carry in public are well versed in the safe handling, use, and care of their firearms.”

Durr sponsored S-1801, which requires an applicant for a permit to carry a handgun to complete 18 hours of comprehensive training in the use, handling, and maintenance of handguns.

The bill wliminates the justifiable need requirement to obtain permits to carry handguns; requires comprehensive training to obtain a handgun carry permit.

Under the bill, this training would replace the justifiable need requirement established by current law that is unquestionably unconstitutional following today’s ruling.

“If legislative Democrats refuse to act proactively and responsibly as I have proposed to fix our unconstitutional concealed carry law, it’s clear they will be forced to by the courts,” Durr concluded.