Philadelphia Man Charged After Monthslong Search for Murder of 15-Year-Old Boy

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – A multi-agency operation to find the killers of 15-year-old Sean Toomey outside his Wissinoming home in Philadelphia has led to the arrest of Saahor Teagle. Teagle was found hiding by U.S. Marshals in Camden. He is the second suspect charged for the killing of Toomey.

On Wednesday, Daniel Gardee turned himself into police and has been arraigned on murder, conspiracy, and related charges for his role in the fatal shooting.

District Attorney Larry Krasner said, “Sean Toomey was a child full of promise and hope, like all children. The great potential he held was extinguished in a snap by strangers with firearms. Sean Toomey should be alive today and looking forward to the rest of his life. To those who knew and loved him: The loss of Sean’s life is a grave injustice, and we are heartbroken and outraged by his death.”

According to police, On March 24th, at approximately 9:00 p.m., a woman reported an attempted robbery by three young Black males while using the ATM at the Citizen’s Bank at Frankford and Robbins Street. According to the victim, from whom nothing was taken, one of the males had a gun. The woman ran back to her car, where a friend was waiting, and called 911. She was able to describe the males to police and reported that they walked off eastbound to the alleyway behind the bank.

“That evening, at an apartment complex on the 4000 block of Devereaux Street, another woman reported seeing two young males appearing to attempt to enter her car,” police reported. “She called her boyfriend to come outside, who then went to the end of the parking lot to look for them when gunshots were heard. The couple, who did not witness shots being fired or anyone being shot, went back inside their apartment building. After police arrived on the scene, both went back out to report what they had witnessed.”

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Krasner’s Office released the following details in this case:

Police officers responded to a radio call that evening to the 6200 block of Mulberry Street located Toomey on the ground near his home, with a gunshot wound to the head. He had gone outside to get a case from water from a family car, according to his family. He was transported to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries at approximately 1:35 p.m. on March 25th. Four 9mm fired cartridge casings were recovered, but no weapons were recovered and no arrests were made.

On March 29th, Gardee was arrested by Miami Beach Police for Battery and Disturbing the Peace. He had not been identified as a wanted suspect for the March 2022 incidents in Philadelphia at that time.

On April 14th, Philadelphia Police responded to an incident at an Airbnb at the 1200 block of Newkirk Street where several firearms were recovered. Both Teagle and Gardee were taken into custody. Teagle was arrested and charged for illegal firearm possession and his firearm was recovered by police. He had not been identified as a wanted suspect for the March 2022 incidents at that time.

On June 9th, a man was arrested by ATF agents at the 1800 block of Pratt Street for Carjacking and related offenses. While being interviewed, the individual described an attempted robbery along with two friends of a woman at a Citizens Bank ATM at Frankford and Robbins Street on the evening of March 24th. The individual provided information about the March 24th attempted ATM robbery and the April 14th Airbnb incident that helped investigators develop more information about the defendants’ roles in the fatal shooting of Sean Toomey. At this time, the third individual is not believed to have participated in the shooting or to have been on the scene of the shooting.

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On June 13th, following a review of the facts of the investigation, the District Attorney’s Office approved charges against Saahir Teagle and Daniel Gardee for the Murder of Sean Toomey on March 24th. Toomey’s family was notified that day that arrest warrants for the two defendants were being issued.

“I want to thank our law enforcement partners including the Philadelphia Police and ATF Philadelphia for their work on this complex investigation. When unregistered and untraceable guns flow like water because of permissive gun laws that favor industry profits over people’s lives, seemingly random shootings that are not captured on camera or seen by witnesses can be challenging to solve. As my office seeks accountability in court for those who pull the trigger and destroy human lives, we will also continue to relentlessly advocate for the gun safety regulations majorities of Americans support and our communities deserve.”

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