Terrance Turnbach Files Voter Suppression Lawsuit, Makes Jim Crow Look Like Jim Eagle

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Democrat Terrance Turnbach is suing the Democrat Party in an attempt to disenfranchise voters in an upcoming party election and he is running for the seat of Ocean County Democrat Chairman.

Last week, Toms River passed a resolution to ban children from beach towns after dark. Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill cited the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, and lack of facemasks by unruly teens for the restrictive lockdown.

According to township officials, the COVID-19 emergency is still a thing. In response, Democrats wanted to ensure a safe and secure chairman’s election, because you know, they’re Democrats, and things like voter rights matter.

That is when it’s in their favor, of course.

Toms River Democrats this year expanded election inclusion by allowing for remote voting in the upcoming internal election due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Turnbach, who was removed from office by the voters of Toms River in November wants to keep people away from voting because he knows he doesn’t stand much of a chance to win the upcoming election. So, he filed a lawsuit to block expanded voting rights to hundreds of Democrats in the upcoming county chairman election.

The numbers don’t look good for Turnbach’s chances of winning. That’s why he’s trying to make it hard for Democrats to vote.

His own Democrats are calling him out, asking if he’s a Republican or Democrat, saying the lawsuit is a measure to simply disenfranchise voters and push the election in his favor by excluding at-risk voters from voting. Last week, Turnbach scored a major Jim Crow victory when he successfully blocked an attempt to use mail-in ballots.

Turnbach wants every voter, regardless of health, capacity or risk to show up in a large indoor room to vote in person, at all costs.

Turnbach’s lawsuit to block voter access is Jim Crow on steroids. It makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.

“It is the most pernicious thing- this makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle,” President Joe Biden once said about Republicans who he claimed were trying to restrict access to elections. After this election, Turnbach may need to find a new political party, because even Democrats aren’t going to want him running for office on the platform of restricting voter rights.