Bee Swarm in NYC Takes Over Times Square Restaurant

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NEW YORK, NY – A New York City Police Department beekeeper safely removed over 2,000 bees that swarmed in Times Square on Monday. Police said the bees gathered on the facade of a restaurant’s outdoor dining area in the Crossroads of the World.

While you may not have known that the NYPD employs a beekeeper, it’s not the first time they responded to a bee swarm in Times Square. In 2021, 25,000 bees swarmed Times Square in July.

The NYPD bee squad, “Was called in to safely remove 2,000 bees from a restaurant seating area near the crossroads of the world. The bees will now be relocated to an area where their pollinating skills will be put to good use.”

Last week the bee squad vacuumed up thousands of bees that swarmed a fire hydrant on 3rd Avenue.

The NYPD said all of the bees were dispersed in an orderly fashion and no charges are pending at this time.