Liberal Doc at Sara Bush Lincoln Health Says No Meds for Conservative Men

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MATTOON, IL – A liberal doctor at the Matoon-based Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center this week said she will no longer prescribe medications for her conservative male patients.

“I prescribe meds.. I can also choose not to prescribe them,” said an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at SBL Sullivan Clinic, in Sullivan, Illinois. “So… from now on.. if you are a white male who votes conservative, your p-nis needs to ask God for the power to rise. No more Viagra.”

“This is not the practice of Sarah Bush Lincoln. We provide care to everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race religious, etc. This is being addressed. Thank you for bringing it to our attention,” Sara Bush Lincoln said in a response to the doctor’s tweet after it was published by the Libs of Tiktok Twitter account this weekend.

The company later made a post on Twitter concerning the message posted by Harris.

“Providing care to all is the mission of SBL. We provide care to all regardless, of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income, and cultural or personal beliefs and views. A recent social media post was contrary to this and are investigating it. Thank you for your concern,” the company said.

“People like that doctor have no business anywhere near patients at your hospital or anywhere else in our civilized world,” said one Twitter user.

“The problem is not this one person that decided to post on social media, its the ones that do it without telling the world. This is disturbing and will erode yet more trust of the medical industry,” another replied.

The doctor responded to the post saying “Bring it. I am allowed to prescribe based on need. If you think God can provide, then why would I not allow for that? Conservative men rely on God to provide…I think that’s a wonderful idea. Leat us pray…”

She later deleted her Twitter account. An account archive shows that she “Hates Trumpers” and posted often about being against religion, Republicans, and conservatives. In April she admitted publicly that she suffers from insomnia and cries herself to sleep.

In one her reviews, a parent of a patient claimed she gave their 6th grade child vaccinations without notfitying them.

“My son was seen for his 6th grade physical and vaccinations. First of all, the nurse gave the vaccinations without telling my husband what they were. She should have told him with each shot what she was giving,” the parent said. “Second, the HPV vaccine was never offered. Good thing I texted my husband and made sure he asked for it! This should be offered to every patient that falls within the age range of vaccination. Then, no one even told my husband that our son would also need an additional shot at 2 and 6 months. If I wasn’t an NP myself, we would have never known to complete the vaccine series.”