New York State Trooper Rescues Dog Missing for Days Stuck in Culvert Pipe

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CONKLIN, NY – New York State Trooper Jimmy Rasaphone is not only a police officer, but today he’s a dog’s best friend. Officer Rasaphone and his partner Trooper Ana Reynas were dispatched to a report of a dog stuck in a culvert pipe in the town of Conklin.

“After learning that Lilah had been missing for several days and now deep underground Trooper Rasaphone decided he was going to help,” then NY State Police said. “The trooper tied a rope to Lilah’s leash and disappeared into the dark pipe.”

After crawling about 15-feet he found Lilah and got a collar on her.

“With the help of her owner, they were able to pull her out to safety. Troopers, thank you for going above and beyond and showing compassion to help get this pup back home to her owner,” the agency reported.