Pittsburgh Cop Shot While Chasing Shooting Suspect

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Yellow law enforcement tape isolating crime scene. Blurred view of city, toned in red and blue police car lights

PITTSBURGH, PA – A Pittsburgh police officer was shot while rushing to the scene of a multiple shooting scene on Brownsville Road while pursuing the gunman responsible for that shooting.

On Saturday at about 5:25 a.m., officers of the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police responded to multiple 9-1-1 calls near the 300 block of Brownsville Road. Callers reported hearing gunfire and witnessing several individuals wounded by that gunfire.

“Responding police officers pursued an armed suspect on foot onto the 400 block of Brownsville Road in the Borough of Mt. Oliver where the suspect shot a Pittsburgh Police officer in the chest before being apprehended,” the Allegheny Police Department later said in a statement. “The officer was wearing a ballistic vest which prevented a potentially life-threatening injury. The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Julian Reese-Krasausky of Pittsburgh’s Elliott neighborhood, was apprehended without any additional shots being fired.”

Police said when apprehended, Reese-Krasausky was in possession of a privately manufactured firearm. Reese-Krasausky was also found suffering from a gunshot wound to the left shoulder.

“Reese-Krasausky is being treated at an area hospital and is in stable condition. The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police requested the assistance of the County Police Homicide Unit to investigate the incident. Any identification of the involved officers is at the discretion of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police,” police reported.

The initial assault took place at the intersection of Bausman Street and Ibis Way which is in the rear of 300 Brownsville Road and just outside of the entrance to what was described to investigators as “The Lobby,” an after-hours club.

“During the initial assault, a 25-year-old female sustained a gunshot wound to the right lower leg and a 57-year-old male sustained a gunshot wound to the left upper leg. Both individuals are being treated at area hospitals and are in stable condition. Evidence suggests that Reese-Krasausky was wounded in an exchange of gunfire at the club before police arrived on scene,” police reported.

The investigation had determined the suspect’s gunshot wound was not inflicted by a police officer.